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Where to Eat

Foccaceria del Massimo (Via Bara all’Olivella) crowds at lunch-time. Here as in any foccacerie you have to order at a counter and you also have a buffet from where you can choose your antipasti.

Antica Focacceria di San Francesco (Via Alessandro Paternostro) was home to the first Sicilian parliament in the 19th century and is well liked by locals.

Casa del Brodo
(Corso Vittorrio Emanuele) has mastered for over 100 years the preparation of soup. They also have palate bending fresh food and seafood.

Les Amis (Piazza San Carlo) is the typical style Italian restaurant serving a fixed menu of fish dishes.
Sant’Andrea on the piazza of the same name dishes out anything prepared with fresh products from the market of Vucciria, the neighbourhood where it is located. It serves recommendable pasta.

La Cambusa (Piazza Marina) is commonly picked by the Palermitans. Its fish is great. You can even choose it and it is later cooked in the kitchen.

At Kursaal Kalhesa (Foro Italico Umberto I) the atmosphere and decoration are fabulous: silk cushions, vaulted ceilings and a perfect garden to serve many meat dishes and deserts. Choose from its long wine list. It is also a wine–cum cocktail bar.

(Via Torrearsa) situated in the new part of Palermo is a combination of pretty décor, recommendable food and good service in a garden sheltered by canopies by the lights of candles. The dishes are typical with a stroke of modern style.

Trattoria Biondo (Via Carducci) is visited by locals mainly.

The Art Nouveau Cucina Papoff (Via Isidoro la Lumia) prepares Sicilian dishes with creative touches.

Il Firriato (Via G Turrisi Colonna) has a short menu yet each dish is perfectly prepared. Desserts are a temptation.

Osteria dei Vespri (Piazza Croce dei Vespri) housed in a palazzo specializes on nouvelle Italian cuisine.

Massaro on Via E Basile and the other on Via Brasa have mouth watering cakes, breakfast and snacks. It is a symbol of Palermo.

Antico Caffè Spinnato (Via Principe di Belmonte) is well liked by locals and tourists. Here you can try any drink typical of the island, cakes and ice-cream.

Il Baretto (Via XX Settembre), sophisticated and visited by the wealthiest top echelons of society, is perfect for a light lunch.

Cambio Cavalla (Via Patania) has been an attraction since it was inaugurated. It was one of the first to open in Palermo.