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Main Cities
Religious buildings and Museum

These stairs go past the vestiges of Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Scale built in the 15th century. Further down on Piazza della Repubblica is Chiesa del Purgatorio housing the Souls in Purgatory, a painting by Francesco Manno. Cattedrale di San Giorgio commands a view and grabs the attention of those who arrive at Piazza del Duomo (Picture 1) where it is located. The cathedral was designed by Gagliardi. The church’s building consists of three layers which are supported by Corinthian columns adorned with sticking cornices. The interior is less luxurious, but houses two of Dario Guerci’s paintings and a sculpture of San Giorgio on a horse. On the same piazza Chiesa di San Giuseppe (Picture 2 and 3) whose oval interior is crowned by a cupola where Sebastiano lo Monaco painted a fresco called Glory of St Benedict in 1793.


The Hyblean Archeological Museum has an array of findings dating from the Prehistory to the Late Roman period organized in six sections. Worth of notice are the ceramics from Scornavacche, the caravan centre and the remains of Santa Croce Camerina’s mosaic floor .