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Main Cities
Piazza Pretoriana

Piazza Pretoria called after the Fontana Pretoria which crowns the square is watched over by restored churches and fabulous buildings around it. The fountain created by Francesco Camilliani in the middle of the 16th century for Don Pedro de Toledo was two decades later acquired by Palermo. It is a beauty of basins located at different levels organized concentrically and peopled by nymphs, tritons and river gods. It was later called the “Fountain of Shame” by churchgoers for its naked nymphs. Also around the square is the baroque Chiesa di Santa Caterina. This refined building has been available to visitors since 2006. It was built in the 16th century when Catholicism was flourishing during the Spanish power. Its walls were covered in marble and the church adorned with statues, gilded stucco, fine frescoes, a carved marble presbytery, silver angels and silver girds in the confessional boxes.
As to parks Palermo does not lack offers: Villa Giulia in La Kalsa, a haven of tropical silence yet it is full of evening mosquitos, Orto Botanico on Via Abramo Lincoln, the largest Palermitan park, Parco della Favorita with its Chinese pagoda palace, which hosted Ferdinand in his exile, a pastiche of Chinese and neoclassical features. In the palace there is a museum, the Museo Etnografico Pitrè keeping traditional costumes, pottery puppets and torture equipment.