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Museo Archeologico Regionale Baglio Anselmi is definitely a must-visit even for one and only one of its pieces which deserves all the way. The reconstruction of a Carthaginian warship that was used in the First Punic War about 30 centuries ago. The ship sank near the Egadi Islands, supposedly when the Carthaginians attacked the Romans in 241 BC, and came to the surface again when in 1971 it was found in the Stagnone lagoon. All these pieces which are a few have been smartly rearranged for visitors to have an insight into what a marvellous 35m long piece it was which needed 68 oarsmen to row. It is just magnificent. Other elements that were on the ship are also displayed such as ropes, small pieces of ceramic, corks from amphoras, a brush and a button. Another room exhibits mosaics and small objects from the 3rd century Roman villa called Insula Romana.
Museo degli Arazzi Fiammingi exhibits eight restored precious Flemish tapestries made in Brussels in the middle of the 16th century and given to an archbishop from Marsala by King Felipe II. The archbishop later on donated them to the cathedral. The tapestries depict the seizure of control of Jerusalem in Saracens’ power by the Romans.
Complesso Monumentale San Pietro occupies the space that belonged once to a 16th century Benedictine monastery . Its exhibitions theme on Garibaldi, folk traditions, archaeology (whose best piece is a small piece of a sculpture of Eros) and elements from the excavations in the necropolis in Lilibaeo.
The Convento del Carmine was the Carmelites convent when they were brought to Marsala by Adelaide, the widow of Roger I in the middle of the 12th century. For years it was a run-down building and then served as police barracks. However, its old splendour has been given back to it. At present it serves as an art gallery and civil weddings are held in it.