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Strolling around Cefalù is an appealing experience. You can walk about the adorable picturesque port where fishing boats moor or do the classical passeggiata along the beach boardwalk escorted by cafés and restaurants filled with people.

Cefalù is well provided of tempting and beckoning delis and jewellery shops. Its Middle Age streets are escorted by shops offering wine oil, preserves, liqueurs, ground coffee and the exquisite regional biscuits and nougat. Gatta Gaetano is a minute shop where Madonie cheese and outstanding gourmet pasta can be bought.

For the swinging nightlife Club Malibù ZZ peoples with youngsters and Palermitans longing for the best hottest nightclub. It boasts many good DJs and excellent cocktails.
Il Covo del Pirata in the summer becomes a different choice for soul and hip-hop sound here .

Puppet shows take place at the Teatro Arte Cuticchio which also houses a small puppet museum for children and adults to rejoice. For more information refer to www.teatroarte-cuticchio.com

Museo Mandralisca is a private institution preserving Greek ceramics and Arab pottery , which unluckily, have lost colour and bright, with the exception of the Portrait of an Unknown Man by Antonello da Messina (Picture 3), whose smirk has aroused so many doubts as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo.
Once outside the museum, turn left and take Via Mandralisca heading for the waterfront. On Vittorio Emanuele there is a 16th century wash house (Picture 1 and 2), known as lavatoio, which was constructed taking advantage of a spring lying under it known since the Antiquity.
The 14th century mansion Osteria Magno has been refurbished many times. At present it plays host to temporary art exhibitions. Those who would like to feel the flavour of the past that permeates every space in this mansion only need to ask for the keys that open the door to other times at the tourist office.