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La Martorana and Chiesa di San Cataldo

Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio or La Martorana is the most renowned medieval church in town. There is no shortage of weddings in this much sought 12th century church. It was first designed to be a mosque. Its domed cupola with pictures representing Christ and the archangels and Arabic scripts reading Alla is based on fatimid columns. Other beautiful features are its Byzantine style mosaics created by Greek artisans. In the 15th century the outer side was remodelled and a frescoed chapel was built. Luckily a mosaic depicting George of Antioch and another representing Roger II were rescued. Under the fascist government the church was given back to the Greek orthodoxy.
The 12th century Chiesa di San Cataldo ‘s Arab-Norman pink façade is the core attraction as its interior is unfinished .