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Main Cities
La Rocca

La Rocca, lording over the town, is a 278m lofty and precipitous rock. According to legends, this was the living place of giants, the first settlers on the island. The Arabs’ citadel was there until 1063 when the Normans took power and made them descend from the mountain to the port.. The Salita Saraceno is the huge staircase climbing up through three layers of walls . It is an ascent which takes 30 minutes to the summit. From the top there is a sweepìng view of the town and the atmospheric Tempio di Diana (Picture1). At present there are almost none remains of the Norman castle or the Arab citadel that enthroned the summit. On the right of Banco di Sicilia on Piazza Garibaldi is the staircase to ascend La Rocca.