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Historical monuments

Luckily, in spite of the earthquakes and the World War II the city still affords historical monuments that deserve a visit.
Among them there is the Fountain of Orion (Picture 1) which sits in the piazza of the Cathedral and was made by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli in 1547.
Right in the town’s waterfront the Fountain of Neptune is situated watching over the harbour. It was created by Montorsoli in 1557.
The Senatory Fountain dates back to 1619. Of the four pieces the Four Fountains were composed of only two pieces can be admired at present.
Near the cathedral is Palazzo Calapaj (Picture 3) which was built following the typical Messinese architecture of 18th century and still stands strong after the 1908 earthquake.
The San Ranieri Lighthouse (or Tower) dates back to 1555. In the University of Messina there is a wonderful botanical garden called "Pietro Castelli" that should be visited.
The Regional Museum, houses paintings by Caravaggio and Antonello da Messina among many other celebrated artists.
The Pylons were constructed in 1957 for a 220kV-overhead powerline that crossed the Strait of Messina. For some time these two pylons were the highest ones worldwide. At present this powerline does not provide energy to the area for it has been changed by an underwater cable. However, the pylons are preserved as historical monuments. Since 2006, visits to these huge monuments are free.