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Main Cities

The Duomo di Cefalù, Cappella Palatine and Cattedrale di Monreale make the three fantastic precious stones-legacy left by the Arab-Norman reign. As the legend reads, the Duomo was erected by Roger II in the 12th century to honour the promise he had made for God having saved his ships from wreck in a ferocious storm near the coast of Cefalù. Another more credible explanation reads that he had this imposing cathedral constructed which surprisingly resembles a fortress instead of a church, to control the increasing Pope’s control over the island.

In the central apse, the imposing Christ all powerful, first grabs the attention among all the Byzantine mosaics displayed. Christ is depicted with Latin and Greek Bible and it is by far the best depiction of human resemblance on the island. It is an important feat for the mosaics date back to the 12th century. They were finished about 25 years earlier than the mosaics of Monreale. From the Piazza dei Duomo a magnificent view of the lofty twin pyramid towers of the cathedral can be seen with La Rocca in the background.