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Main Cities
Buildings and Outings

Coming from Capo Lilibeo, the splendid renaissance arch Porta Nuova opens onto the historic heart of town.

The cathedral (Picture 3) is on Piazza della Repubblica. Its building began in 1628; however, its façade was only finished off in 1956 thanks to a donation. Inside it has three aisles of lofty columns and some works by the Gaginis. The Palazzo Communale (Picture 1) is also on the same square.
For a change as to architecture, on Piazza della Victoria visitors will find a building following the Italian futurist architecture, a movement which became famed during the fascist regime.

Villa Cavallotti (Picture 2) is ideal for parents with children. In it children have customized playgrounds and green grounds to run about, which adults also find enormously enjoyable as they can also stroll around.