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Main Cities
Ancient buildings

Needless to say that the ancient buildings have made Syracuse be included on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Among them there is  the Temple of Apollo(Picture 1) which in the Byzantine times was used as a church. Later on it was turned into a mosque by the Arabs.   On the Ortygia Island is The Fountain of Arethusa (Picture 2), which, according to the legend, was the refugee of the nymph Arethusa when she was being chased by Alpheus.   The Theatre was built by the Greek. Its cavea comprised 67 rows separated by 8 aisles that delimited 9 sections, which is a feature that makes it one of the biggest cavea erected by the Ancient Greeks. Today there exist only ruins of the scene and the orchestra. The building was transformed by the Romans for their performances and circus games to be held in it. Near the theatre we can find the latomìe, which are stone quarries that made prisons in ancient times. Orecchio di Dionisio ("Ear of Dionysius") is the most celebrated of them.   The Roman amphitheatre (Picture 3), which was in part sculpted on the rock, dates back to the Roman Imperial age. In its centre the rectangular space was occupied in its height by the scenic machinery.   The so-called Tomb of Archimedes, which is a Roman tomb, in the Grotticelli Nechropolis, is adorned with two Doric columns.   The Temple of Olympian Zeus was erected in 6th century BC 3 km away from the city.